Biodiversity Management

Ecology Australia’s extensive biological expertise enables a comprehensive understanding of environmental issues

  • Ecological monitoring
  • Bushfire and prescribed fire management
  • Pest plant and animal management
  • Urban wildlife management
  • Kangaroo Management Plans
  • Weed assessment and control
  • Conservation planning
  • Habitat restoration and rehabilitation
  • Salvage and translocation

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Managing Australia’s unique biodiversity values requires an in-depth understanding of the ecosystems, their components, and their inter-relationships.

At Ecology Australia, we have an excellent knowledge of the biology and ecology of plant and animal species, ecosystem processes and threats, across a broad range of biophysical environments.

Our depth of expertise enables us to deal effectively with diverse biological issues, ranging from threatened species conservation, to pest plant and animal management, monitoring of environmental impacts, and management of ecological fire regimes and environmental flows. Ecology Australia has a long history of developing habitat restoration and revegetation programs, with specialist expertise in horticulture, encompassing the ecology, propagation and cultivation of Australian flora.

Our knowledge of applied and theoretical aspects of ecology allows for an integrated and strategic perspective in the management of dynamic and complex ecological systems. In addition, we maintain valuable relationships with governments, management agencies, and academic and research institutions, to stay abreast of emerging biological issues and management practices. This ensures that management prescriptions are researched and developed to the highest standard, so that we can deliver the most successful, cost-effective and practical strategies.