Specialist Services

Ecology Australia offers a range of specialist expertise that supports the delivery of our consulting services


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Training and Inductions

Ecology Australia provides a range of induction and training services, catering to a wide array of Clients, including construction and weed management contractors, government agencies, volunteer groups and school groups. We develop our training courses in consultation with the Client, to tailor them to the particular needs and skill level of the Clients and the environments in which they are working, to deliver highly relevant and high-quality training.

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Our services include:

  • Weed Management Training
  • Contractor induction, covering:
    • Protection of threatened plant or animal populations
    • Environmental protection measures
    • Implementation of Environmental Management Plans
    • Legal obligations
    • Best-practice management techniques.
  • Information sessions – covering a broad spectrum of ecological themes, including:
    • Taxonomy, ecology and identification of specific plant groups
    • Flora and fauna of a specific site or region
    • Weeds and pest animals (biology, ecology, identification & management)
    • Environmental policy and legislation
    • Developing and implementing ecological restoration works.
  • Field days – ‘walk and talks’ identifying and discussing ecological values, threats and processes.
  • The content, structure and delivery of training services are developed as per client requirements.

Expert witness

The senior staff at Ecology Australia have extensive experience appearing as expert witnesses at all levels of hearings, including Commonwealth Commissions of Inquiry, EES panels, other planning panels, VCAT and the Supreme Court.

Botanic Garden, landscape and horticultural design

Ecology Australia has provided expert advice to landscape architects and related disciplines for over 30 years. We recognise that all aspects of horticulture and landscape design, including construction, implementation and maintenance, are underpinned by a range of physical site factors, and the ecology and biology of plant materials used. We offer an unparalleled range of services that can complement those of landscape architects and others to ensure the best possible outcomes in diverse aspects of practice – for Clients, the success and technical performance of the garden or landscape, and environmental sustainability.

Community and stakeholder engagement

Community and Stakeholder consultation forms a key aspect of many of our projects. These take the form of public meetings, consultative committee meetings, or meetings with individual landowners and developers. We frequently undertake large-scale projects involving the lands or resources of people not directly involved with, but potentially affected by, a development. In these situations we are often required by our Clients to organise public forums and liaise with the community throughout a project’s duration. Our staff are skilled at organising and hosting such events and ensuring that sensitive community issues and concerns are addressed.

Applied Research

Ecology Australia has been involved in a wide variety of research and monitoring programs on various aspects of plant and animal ecology, including threatened species. This has formed a fundamental aspect of our work over the years, incorporating experimental design, data collection and analysis, report presentation and publishing. Perhaps most importantly, our research is designed for practical application to management, and has led to the production of Recovery Plans for threatened and endangered species which have been implemented by state and national agencies.