Aquatic Ecology

Ecology Australia offers recognised in-house expertise and specialist skills to provide the highest standards in aquatic survey and assessment

  • Freshwater and estuarine fish surveys
  • Crayfish surveys
  • Macroinvertebrate sampling & identification
  • Platypus surveys
  • Boat, bank and backpack electrofishing
  • Water quality sampling and monitoring
  • Stream health condition and instream habitat assessment
  • Applied research
  • Impact assessment and mitigation
  • Threatened species surveys

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Our Aquatic Ecologists have the knowledge and experience to address the most complex ecological issues.

Over the last decade there has been a notable increase in the awareness of aquatic ecological issues and the need for their consideration under the environmental approvals process. We provide clients with integrated or stand-alone aquatic ecological surveys, condition assessments and monitoring of freshwater and estuarine habitats. Our expertise allows us to rapidly identify existing and potential sources of disturbance and impact, and develop the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions. We aim to develop the most appropriate and robust survey designs and pride ourselves on collecting the highest quality data, which enables us to effectively address the assessment, monitoring or research issues in question.

We undertake a range of general and targeted surveys for threatened and iconic fauna, including fish, crayfish and platypus, using the most contemporary survey methods, including all forms of netting, trapping and electrofishing. Our custom-built electrofishing vessel is issued with all the relevant certificates by Transport Safety Victoria; its high power output, small size and customised tilt-trailer provide us with the versatility to access and sample a wide variety of habitats.